Thursday, October 22, 2009

Vivian gets help from our acupuncturist Tara!

As Vivian's life has been a little hectic the past couple of weeks she was interested in acquiring a little help controlling her appetite since stress can increase one's appetite or trigger unhealthy eating. Here at Advanced Integrative Medicine we have a variety of weight loss options and one of them is acupuncture. Our acupuncturist Tara Fernalld was eager to help. Tara also does acupuncture for pain and a variety of illnesses. Check out our website at for more information on Tara.

In this video, Tara takes an ear probe to apply pressure to Vivian’s many trigger points on her ears to see which ones are the most sensitive. Once she finds the most sensitive ones Tara will then apply ear seeds to them to help guide Vivian where to apply pressure when she wants to decrease her hunger. Tara will look at these weekly as these sensitive areas can change from week to week. So we will be back next week to see how this helps Vivian during her stressful time. Plus Tara will check to see if any of the ear seeds needs to be moved. Good luck Vivian and thanks Tara!

Tip of the week:

Eating small meals/snack every 3-4 hours can help keep you from feeling really hungry. Snacks should consist of a carbohydrate and protein with some healthy fats. The protein and healthy fats help you feel full. Also fiber rich foods can help you feel fuller longer as well. A few examples are: small apple with 1/4 cup of nuts, small banana cut up and mixed with creamy natural peanut butter, a few plain rice cakes with a healthy hummus blend spread on top (read the ingredients, hummus should conain garbanzo beans and spices like garlic, peppers, etc...). Good Luck!

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