Thursday, October 1, 2009

Vivian Week 4

Ok, we are getting ready to begin week 4! Vivian weighed in at 240 for a loss of 3 pounds! That's awesome Vivian! This past week I decided to take Vivian out to eat at one of her favorite restaurants, Bahama Breeze. I had Vivian go to the restaurants website to check out the nutrition information and then decide what she was going to eat before we even left to go. She was eager to see what her favorite dish faired on the nutritional side, which was the Grilled Fresh Salmon Tostada Salad w/chimichurri sauce. She was extremely surprised (and disappointed) to see that it was 1,045 calories with 57 grams of fat! So she looked at all the other lunch items and had decided she would like the appetizer crab, shrimp, mango, avocado stack which was 250 calories and 6 grams of fat. When she told me that was what she wanted I was a little concerned that it was too small and that she would not be very full and that she may not feel satisfied. I told her that the grilled chicken kabob over yellow rice is a nice size meal and only 385 calories and 6 grams of fat. She agreed that she would get that, however when we got to the restaurant she said she really didn't want the kabobs and she wanted the crab, shrimp, mango, avocado stack but was afraid to tell me, ha, ha. I said don't be afraid to tell me that, I was just concerned that it would not fill her up. So she asked if she could get the black bean soup with her appetizer making her total lunch 570 calories and 10 grams of fat. I said that was a great idea, that she would get something she really wanted and still within a reasonable calorie range. She also had her "fresh lemonade" which is water with lemon (0 calories!). Since she had a light breakfast and didn't have snacks then that was a great lunch for her. The next day she told me she was full until dinner (even had a lite dinner!) and her lunch choice was very satisfying.

Imagine how many people think that a salmon salad would be a healthy lunch item not realizing it was over 1000 calories! Many salads are really high in calories but people do not realize it. Cheese, croutons, dressings and portion sizes of meat on the salad can add up to a whole days worth of calories.

Vivian was getting used to finding time for her cardio exercise, which includes a video dance game she can do with her son, so I felt it was time to add some strength training. We went over some simple exercises she can do at home that used some light dumbbells and a stability ball. We also went over some foam rolling flexibility exercises. If you haven't tried foam rolling you need too! Most clients I introduce this to fall in love with it. My kids love it and we normally do it at the end of the day while watching TV. It is like giving yourself a massage without hurting your hands. I sent Vivian home with the foam roll so we will see how she enjoyed it. See you next week!

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