Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vivian Week 5

Alright, Vivian is getting ready to begin week 5! She weighed in at 238.5 and lost another 1.5 pounds this past week. Woo Hoo! She is really doing great! This past week we went over some more healthy choices to make on the go. She has been really busy with going to work then picking up her son Brandon and then bringing him to a variety of therapies he attends throughout the week for his autism. Brandon actually joined us on our visit to Bahama Breeze we talked about last week. He has a beautiful yellow lab that goes with Brandon where ever he goes to help protect him and also help him calm down when Brandon gets really anxious. Brandon did very well at the restaurant, I was really impressed with him but he does keep Vivian very busy because she has to make sure he doesn't get really anxious too. Luckily our friend Katie was with us who is really great with kids and adores Brandon and she played with Brandon so Vivian and I could take a moment to look over the menu and pick out items that were safe choices no matter what restaurant we go to, in the event we can't look up the nutrional info before going to the restaurant.

She is still having a hard time getting in some exercise since she is soooo busy. So we set up her work station up with a stability ball to sit on. It is really great on your back. I love it myself, I can not sit in a regular chair for very long but I can sit on the stability very long and get some nice stretches and exercises on it while I'm working. Next week we will sit down and figure out a way to incorporate exercises at home.

Like Vivian said, we are hoping Dr. Green will be there next week to discuss her part of Vivians' weight loss journey. We have several weight loss programs. For patients that don't have a lot to lose and are looking to get healthier as well then we will talk to them about our 28 day elimination diet in which you eliminate foods that are hard to digest or create an inflammotory response. It takes 28 days for something to be rid of in the body. So while we eliminate certain foods, then we tell you what you can eat that are mild to the digestive system and do not create an inflammotory response. Along with this we have a vitamin shake to go with it to help make sure your body is getting the right amounts of good vitamins, minerals and some herbal supplements geared toward easing your stomach and liver processes. If patients come in who have dieted for many years and just can't succeed, then their first appointment is a complete physical with Dr. Green as well as taking blood to run a number of tests that will tell us of any potential risks the patients might have. This will tell us if the patient is ready to exercise and be a part of a diet program. For the patients that have a really hard time losing weight and they have tried and failed many times, then Dr. Green may prescribe an appetite suppressment just to help out in the first 1-6 weeks to help them while they learn healthy choices. Then they are weined off the medication and they are equipped with the knowledge of living a healthy life. In NO way do we encourage fast weight loss or try to get patients stuck on medication. It is monitored very closely by Dr. Green.

If you are in the Atlanta area and really want to lose weight and keep it off the healthy way then give our office a call at 678-867-7200. We give a 15 minute free consultation with no obligations and no harrassement, I promise. Come on in and we can help you get stared like we did with Vivian. Vivian has never understood what it meant to eat healthy because she comes from a Spanish background where they cooked a lot of foods and food is an integral part of the family. Remember the first week? She had decided to do the 28 day elimination diet along with starting her lifelong changes. By day 3 she was really hungry and really miserable. So I immediatley told her to stop the elimination diet and just focus on learning healthier options. She has been doing much better since then and she does not feel deprived.

I did suggest to Vivian to make a list of places that she likes to go on a regular basis and then we can look at each places nutritional information and pick which items would be best to get at each place. Then we can make a final list for her to carry around in her purse and when she needs to stop she will pull out her list and be able to order something healthy. I also told her to write down if she liked it and was it fullfilling. Then we can tweek it here and there. We also discussed having a list of items she needs from the store and then stick to that list and to not go shopping while she is hungry. Going to the store right after you had a big, filling meal is the best time to go.

Ok, that is all we have for now...we will see you all next week!

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