Thursday, October 15, 2009

Vivian's Weight Loss Journey Week 6

Wow, it's been almost 6 weeks already! Vivian is a trooper. She didn't lose any weight this past week but that is ok b/c she has been doing so well. She's lost a total of 7.5 pounds, so that is over a pound per week. :) So Vivian don't get discouraged! Vivian was taking some temporarily prescribed appetite suppresents to help her out since she was so busy but it affected her sleep and that has made her feel worn down. So she stopped taking that and now wants to try acupuncture. We have a great Acupuncturist in our office and her name is Tara. Tara will work with Vivian next week and has ways to help her control her appetite. We will video this for you if anyone is curious to see how this works. I haven't tried it yet but I've heard so many great things about acupuncture for many different ailments. Dr. Oz actually had an acupuncturist on his show and they helped a woman on the show control her appetite, it was so cool. I'm glad that Dr. Oz supports alternative medicine. :)

Ok, well I hope you enjoyed this weeks video and next week we'll show you the acupuncture treatment with Tara!

Tip of the Week:

When you feel hungry drink an 8oz glass of water (I prefer mine ice cold) and then wait 20 minutes to see if you really needed that snack. It really works! Also, if I have the chance, I brush my teeth after drinking the water because I don't like to mix the taste of my snack with minty fresh breath and I will usually change my mind (especially if I'm just sitting around and I want to eat because I'm bored). Good Luck! :)

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