Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vivian is Back! And She Looks Great!

The last time we saw Vivian she was on the right track.  She had lost 7.5 pounds and was beginning to hit a plateau.  So we sat down and mapped out her goals and step by step we discussed how we could achieve her goals.  It wasn't going to happen overnight, she was (and still is) a very busy mom of an adorable boy named Brandon.  Brandon is autistic and therefore requires constant round the clock care.  He is so lovable but I get exhausted just watching Vivian take care of him.  She is an amazing woman!  Vivian is also taking classes for her degree in special education so she can help other kids like her son Brandon.  How cool is that?  With Vivian's Spanish heritage she grew up cooking delicious Spanish dishes that are usually high in carbohydrates and fat.  She doesn't have much time to dedicate to planning meals and learning how to cook healthy.  So during our nutrition counseling we discussed how to make a little change here and a little change there.  We added exercise to her routine slowly and she meets with me and the other girls in our office for a weekly boot camp.  This helps show her some exercises she can do on her own as well. 

Now she has lost a total of 40.5 pounds!  How awesome is that!  She has really been doing great.  Vivian has realized that weight loss is not just about diet and exercise, it's a whole lifestyle process.  Getting enough sleep is HUGE with weight loss.  So is finding times to de-stress.  Vivian doesn't have to give up her favorite foods or favorite restaurants, she just learned how to make healthier choices.  Whether it is decreasing her serving sizes, switching whole wheat pasta for white pasta or just eating a healthy salad first to help her not eat so much of her main meal.  Eating good foods often helps maintain your blood sugar and fight off ravenous hunger. 

Watch one of Vivian's older videos and you will be amazed at the difference.  She has lost her weight slowly so that helps ensure that she is going to keep it off.  Vivian wants to be healthy so she can give her son the care he needs and I'm proud to have her as a client.  With her determination and being provided with the right information she is going meet and exceed her goals.  Stay tuned for an update in the next few weeks.  Congratulations Vivian!

Kristina Crossway, BS, CPT, CNC

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